Mother’s Day Rhyme

Mother’s Day Rhyme

From the diaper on your bottom
To your college cap and gown
Thanks to all the mothers
Who are blessed to be around
From the birth mom to the step mom
To the mom in law acquired
Those that lived
and loved and fed us if our own Mom had expired
From the boo boos on our elbows
To the flowers at the wedding
Who covers you with blankets
If you fall asleep without your bedding
There’s a special kind of loving to those whose heart is open
To live and tend and cheer us
When our own mood goes a mope- in
But if all the worlds a stage
And moms are but bit players
They add a special luster to life’s abundant layers
And upon the generations
Of the woman whom we cherish
Just know that love that’s passed along
Is a trait that’s rather rare-ish
So moms of every country
Upon this smallish planet
Should never be forsaken
And immortalized in granite
If you are a mom at all
stand up high and stand up tall
Know that there is
One special day when
You are loved in every way

By Barb MAY/2014


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